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Most Exotic Plants
From All Over The World!

Spring Sale!

Cactus Trio!
& 1 Surprise Bonus Plant!
Produces Healthy Fruit for your Body!

4 Plants Species in One Box!
Free Shiping 2-3 Day Priority

8" Plump Blue Peruvian Apple Cactus Cutting, 6" Dragonfruit Jungle Cactus Cutting, & 2 Nopal Pads
+ 1 Surprise Bonus Plant

 Will Produce Most Unique Flowers Ever! 

8" Inch Peru. Apple Beauty

This is the mutated variety of the Peruvian Apple Columnar Cactus, its also know as Cereus Peruvianus Monstrose. This cactus is green but is known to have blue tints in the color towards the crown tops. You will be receiving 1 crown top piece that is almost all blue. This piece can be seen in photos 1 & 2 of ebay photos. This cactus species hardly needs any care and grows fairly quick. This piece will be freshly cut the morning its shipped. Plant after calloused in cactus soil by full sun, rarely water (1-2 times a week), and watch grow. They can reach a potential of over 12 feet tall and once established they can tolerate temperatures as low as 30 degrees if not prolonged. This piece is a cutting that comes of a cactus you see blooming in the photos. The beautiful flower you see is a night bloomer and only stays open for one night into the early morning, but don't worry over one summer you be amazed on how many blooms you will have seen. Also, the fruit was very healthy last year as you see in photo 5 & 6. They are filled with lots of nutrition and just for a fun fact in Israel the Peruvian Apple is marketed as a specialty fruit. The seeds inside of fruit is known to occasionally grow the Apple Cactus in its original form; columnar cactus. This cactus species is very hardy and can last through frost if not prolonged. I do recommend you always cover properly in any weather below freezing. I ship 2-3 day priority so you don't have worry about the health of your cactus. If you have any questions or need tips please feel free to message me anytime. I hope you enjoy your bonus exotic plants cutting that always comes with each order :)

8" Inch Dragonfruit Jungle Cactus Cutting
Giant White Flowers

Dragonfruit is also know as Hylocereus Undatus or Pitahaya and can be found in Hawaii. This awesome hanging cactus is one of the fastest growing cactus. Its exotic flowers are night bloomers and are larger than a mans hand. These blooms start in the early summer and are followed by delicious & nutritious Red Dragonfruit throughout the fall. Be sure to plant your new cutting in well draining pot filled with Cactus Soil in Full Sun & Water 1-2 times per week. I also recommend if you live in cooler climates with snow plant in a portable pot to bring indoors for the winter. If your in warmer climates with frost be sure to cover properly.

2 Nopal Cactus Pads 5" Inch Each

(Also know as Opuntia/Nopalea Cochenillifera) This species is native to Mexico. These pads will be minimum 6" inches long and they need hardly any care. You can plant them 2 inches in cactus soil, water once a week and watch them grow. They root incredibly fast and full in a little over a week. If it grows to much just take your select pads off and use those to replant somewhere new. Neat thing about this cactus is its natural way to stay balanced they begin to grow like mouse ears. Even better than its grow habits this cactus provides you with refreshing Nopal Fruit that comes after a Beautiful Flower. It is seen and sold in many forms as a health food/drink. But why purchase that when you can grow it in your home or yard. You will be very surprised on how many fruit you will harvest in the first/second fall. The only thing I do recommend is if you live in a warm climate (zone 9 & up) you can have these outdoors just cover during frost but in the cooler climates you should plant these in a nice decorative pot so there easy to bring indoors for the winter and be sure to place them in a windowsill or direct sunlight.

P.S. If there's multiple species of plants you plan on purchasing please contact me and I will be more than willing to help create the perfect personalized order for you. I do my best to give you a better combine shipping price and amount of plants for your money. I also gift a bonus for each species in the order. Your getting One bonus for this 1st bundle then One bonus for each bundle after that. Please just be sure to include your zip code in the message so I can do my best to assist you.  

 As part of the Spring Sale, you will be receiving 1 bonus.
Totaling 4 plant species in this order. 

Happy Planting From Your Florida Friend
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