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Working 95 Year Old Elgin Pocket Watch
Serial Number 25092207

1922 Elgin Grade 384, Size 12, 17 Jewels, Model 3, Class 114.
POSSIBLY Real Gold OR Gold Filled - Due to the scratches and few small dents there is no tarnishing at all present makes me believe this is some sort of Gold or Gold Filled. This specific serial number Elgin has no history of selling online. Perfect addition to any collection, dont miss out on your only chance at this watch.
This is a family heirloom that reminded in the same safe for well over 70 years, only coming out on a monthly for winding. This watch is still working without any troubles ever, it tested the day of this listing. It has a very intricate front face with fancy blue hands. No cracks or chips. Please look at each photo carefully for the best understanding of your purchase. There are some scratches and a few small dents on the back. Some flaws on the front. Please use the zoom feature on ebay or click the photos below twice to zoom in. I belive at some point there may have also been a loop at the top. All gears inside seem to run flawless. Also the inside of the back has some etched in words. 

Movement Configuration : Open Face
Movement Setting : Pendant Wind and Set
Movement Finish : Nickel Damaskeening - 
Plate : 3/4 Plate
Please understand sold as is. Will be shipped 2-3 Day Priority mail fully insuraned.
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